Prophetic Art Gallery

The photo gallery on this page shows some of the paintings we did at the annual Broader Leadership Group day-away in January 2008.

We were asked to paint anything we liked. After what seemed like only ten minutes were told with enthusiasm to put our brushes, crayons and pencils down (just like in a school exam).

By this time some of us had finished our works of art and were resting but most of us were left with struggling with incomplete pieces.

One of the resting artists was then taken over to a still "struggling" artist. Their help was offered to colour in the easy bits - to enable the struggling artist to concentrate on the unfinished bits that only they could do. The painting in question is the first one in the gallery below.

The whole exercise was an stunning prophetic statement demonstrating why teamwork and cooperation among God's people is so important. Here are some of the paintings.

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