About Christianity, Church, Heaven and Christ Jesus

About Christianity, Church, Heaven and Christ Jesus


About Christianity

Sometimes it's confusing to know what real Christians believe. Here are some suggested ways to get the facts:

  • Attend one of the many national/international Alpha Courses or other courses that investigate Christianity
  • Explore the Bible, especially the four gospels—the Bible was inspired by God so it's our best reference book
  • Hear about the good news and teachings of Jesus from a friend or in any Bible-believing Christian church
  • Ask God your questions directly. He's here now and He loves you so He will answer in a way that you can understand
  • At Greenford Baptist Church we try not to be too religious—we try to practice Non-Religious Biblical Christianity.

About the Christian Church

There are several major Christian denominations, such as Church of England, Pentecostal, House Church, Baptist etc. They each have different traditions and customs because they reflect a wide range of cultural differences—wouldn't it be boring if all Christians were white, middle class, had a spouse and 2.4 children?

To be genuine Christians the people who are part of Church should believe in and practice the central teachings of Jesus Christ—as written in the Bible. I said they should practice it so please don't get me wrong, Christians are not perfect—but they are forgiven and they are on a journey in the right direction—toward Jesus Christ.

The Church is made up of people

About Heaven

Do you know for sure if you are going to be with God in heaven? If you're not convinced, watch and listen to some of the multimedia presentations or read some of the articles.

About Christ Jesus

Here are 10 reasons to believe in Christ, rather than in Religion.

About ChristianityFind out more about the Christian Faith and its founder at christianity.org.ukdove